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SIL AI & NLP Projects

M2 Chatbot Platform

This platform allows users to build chatbots in a "multilingual first" manner, with one bot interacting in multiple languages and cross lingual Natural Language Understanding (NLU).


Serval brings together machine translation and quality estimation technologies into a common REST API allowing them to be flexibly integrated into a variety tools used by translators and translation consultants.

Augmented Quality Assessment (AQuA)

The Augmented Quality Assessment (AQuA) tool assists translators in reviewing local language drafts by objectively identifying potential issues and measuring a variety of relevant translation qualities.

Tools.Bible was created to offer an easy-to-use centralized library of all tools available in the Bible translation ecosystem. We have gathered data on features, capabilities, use-cases, and even testimonials from those who have first-hand experience using them on translation projects, making all that critical information searchable so that you can find the tools you need today.